Animal Services is this county’s lost and found pet shelter, taking in approximately 13,000 stray pets annually. It is the agency’s primary goal to reunite lost pets with their families.

Pet owners looking for their lost pets are encouraged to visit our pet portal to identify their missing four-legged friend. Proof of ownership is established via microchip, medical records and/or photographs and is required prior to the release of any animal.

Owners are encouraged to contact the shelter immediately if the pet has been impounded at Animal Services. Reunifications can occur at any point that the shelter is open.

Due to COVID-19, the shelter is open at a reduced capacity. Owners looking to reclaim their missing pets are encouraged to visit the shelter immediately, during normal operating hours. If after hours, please email and make plans to visit as early as possible the following day.

Reclaim Fees

Pet owners are required to pay the following fees as part of the reclaim process:

  • Impound Fee - $15 for first impoundment, $26 for the second impoundment and $41 for the third impoundment
  • Daily Fees - $10 per day

If the pet owner is unable to provide proof of current rabies vaccination, Orange County Animal Services will provide this for a fee of $5.

Per Section 5-34 (d)(2) of the Orange County Code of Ordinances, animals shall be spayed or neutered after their second impound at Orange County Animal Services. 

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