Foster Care Program

Animal Services is pleased to offer a foster care program that places pets in temporary homes until they are ready for adoption, saving thousands of lives every year. The foster program is for pets that are sick, injured, in need of socialization skills and/or are too young for adoption. The program is available for select pets at Animal Services.

Program Logistics

New foster parents are always welcome to the team! Animal Services relies heavily on these individuals and their expertise to help animals that would not otherwise thrive at the shelter. Here is how one begins as a foster parent:

  • Foster Orientation – The very first step is to attend the shelter’s virtual orientation to learn more about the program.
  • E-mail Posts – The shelter will “post” out animals in need of foster care via e-mail and the foster parent can select from any of those animals.
  • Foster Rechecks - Foster parents are expected to transport the pets to the Animal Services clinic for rechecks every two weeks. Rechecks are on appointment basis in an effort to best serve the foster parent and ensure service as quick as possible. Foster rechecks are offered in the afternoon each day of the week.
  • Adoption – When the pet is deemed ready for adoption the foster parent will return the pet to the shelter. Pictures and descriptions of the animals are very welcome and help to market the pet and find the ideal home. Foster parents are welcome to solicit adopters for their foster pets prior to their return to the shelter. The interested adopters will then report to Animal Services to complete the paperwork.

To begin, please complete this form.

Looking for a different foster experience? Consider fostering for a local rescue group! Rescue groups are primarily foster based and rely on individuals to provide temporary care. The more available foster homes they have, the more lifesaving they can accomplish. Find out more about the shelter's many rescue partners here.

Foster Rechecks

Foster parents caring for pets from Orange County Animal Services can make recheck appointments via the fostering services portal here.

Foster Gift Registry

If interested in helping the foster program but unable to actually foster, the shelter welcomes donations specifically for the program. The shelter’s registry wish list for supplies can be found here.

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