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Lost & Found Pet Forum

The Orange County Animal Services Lost & Found Pet Forum is a place for people to connect if they have lost or found a pet. The Forum has recently been upgraded and now features a map option for improved opportunities to match lost and found pets.

The revised Forum no longer requires an account for utilization, but posters will need to provide either a phone number or email address, which will be viewable by other users. Animal Services recommends uploading a recent photo of your pet for best chances of reunification.

The new Forum also allows individuals who have found a pet and brought that animal to the shelter to make a posting. Animal Services encourages finders to take this opportunity to share the original location where the pet was found, hopefully increasing the chances of the pet being identified by their owner(s).

New postings to the Forum are reviewed by shelter staff and will be viewable to the public within 48 hours of submission. Users with inquiries or experiencing any technical difficulties are asked to email AnimalServices@ocfl.net for assistance.

Note: This forum is an internet tool to aid in locating a missing pet and should not be treated as a substitute for looking for your pet in person.

Found Pet

In accordance with local law, those who have found a pet have two options:

  • Bring in the pet to Orange County Animal Services, which can be done at any point the shelter is open to the public, or call 3-1-1 for assistance with picking up the stray pet. OCAS will attempt to find an owner, if one is identifiable, and hold the pet for the required stray period at the shelter, unless deemed medically unfit. If no owner steps forward to reclaim the pet will be made available for adoption or rescue placement, depending on overall suitability. Finders bringing in pets to the shelter do have the option of placing an adoption application on the pet and if interested should voice that to staff at time of drop off.

  • Attempt to locate an owner and hold the pet for a period of 30 consecutive days. If no owner is found then the finder can presume ownership of the pet. The pet must be reported found to Animal Services (by contacting 3-1-1) within two calendar days of finding the animal. OCAS also recommends posting the pet on Next Door, social media sites and on flyers throughout the area in the hopes of locating an owner. Those who find a pet and rehome that animal without the required 30-day holding period are in violation of the local ordinance. Read the full ordinance here.

Pet Microchipping

One of the best ways to ensure a lost pet is reunited with its owner is through microchipping.

Microchips are small implants (approximately the size of a grain of rice) that use a unique number to identify a registered pet. Any shelter or veterinary office can scan an animal to check for a microchip.

Orange County Animal Services offers affordable microchipping for just $15! Please call 407-836-3111 for more information or visit our microchipping page.

Don’t forget to register the microchip—it’s the fastest way to be reunited with a lost pet.

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